The Vice-Chancellor, the Chief Executive Officer of the University directly supervises this unit. Accordingly, the office handles all matters relating to the internal and external administration, academic, financial and other related interests of the university. He is the chief exponent of the educational mission of the university and his office shall serve as the nerve center of activities in areas of protocol, external relations and coordination of various internal organs. The Vice-Chancellor shall see to the day-to-day administration of the university and he shall ensure that the goals of the university are met. The Vice Chancellor shall have direct interactions with Principal Officers, Deans of Colleges, Directors and other key officers, presides over meetings of Congregation and Convocation in the absence of the Chancellor.
The Deputy Vice-Chancellor shall act in place of the Vice-Chancellor when the office of the Vice-Chancellor is vacant or the Vice-Chancellor is for any reason (including absence from the precincts of the university) unable to perform his function as Vice-Chancellor. Specifically, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor will be the Chairman of the Senate sub-committees on University Research, Academic Planning and Deans, and also have responsibility for overseeing support and community service including student and staff oriented services, business services, health, socio-cultural and religious services. He will assist the Vice-Chancellor in the major revenue generating drive of the institution. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor shall be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor.
The Registrar is the Head of the Registry Department of the university and he is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administrative activities of the university except as regards those for which the Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Bursar are responsible. He is the Chief Administrative Office of the University. He is the secretary to the Governing Council, Senate and Congregation. He is also the custodian of the seal and official documents of the University, acting on behalf of Council. The Registry has the following units:
  1. (i)Academic Affairs
  2. (ii)Establishments
  3. (iii)Council Affairs
  4. (iv)Administration
The Bursar shall be the Head of the Bursary Department of the university. He is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day financial administration of the university and he is the Chief Financial Officer of the University. The bursar supervises the preparation on annual budgets and allocation of funds to the various units of the University following the approval of the Council and initiates the procedures for auditing the accounts of the proposed University and present same for consideration of the Council. The bursary department is composed of the following units:
  1. (i) Expenditure Control Section
  2. (ii) Revenue Section
  3. (iii) Salary Section
  4. (iv) Final Accounts Section
  5. (v) Stores Section
The University Librarian is the academic and administrative head of the University Library. He is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the development of the university library system including the Main Library, Faculty and Departmental libraries. He is the Chief Library Officer. He is the manager of all human and material resources of the Library. He ensures prompt procurement of all required literary resources, soft and hardware for the proposed University. In addition he ensures optimal use of the literary resources and facilities, including readers' satisfaction.
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